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On never being a new kid.

All of this talk about Lawrence moving away and the Enjo family moving in when they did got me to thinking about something: the Housening. What always used to bother me is my belief that after the Christmas holidays, Meredith's kindergarten teacher would have to explain that no, Merrie Patterson didn't die in the fire, she moved to a place called Milborough....which the kids would assume was akin to being told that she'd been sent to a nice farm some place. It used to gnaw at me that the Pattersons were that stupid that they didn't consider that possibility. Fortunately for my nerves, Mike said this:

Merrie will be going to a new school in September. Because we're certain we'll be living in this area, she's been enrolled at H.G. Davis Public School, the same elementary school I went to. It now has a daycare program, so both she and Robin will be at the same place at the same time, and it's just a few minutes from here. They are already getting used to being away from Ardith, who has taken care of them since they were babies, but we stay in touch and visit as often as possible. Fortunately, little ones make new friends easily and will meet new children when September comes along.

The reason for this decision to make sure that Merrie at least had some stability in her life after having been uprooted was the byproduct of Mike's need to replicate what he thought was a hard-and-fast rule instead of an odd coincidence. It seems to me that he'd seen how Lawrence moved away in the early part of August and how the Enjos moved in at pretty much the start of the school year and come away with the mistaken impression that people with kids were only allowed to move houses during the summer months so that when classes started, no one would notice the unfamiliar face because of that whole shuffling to break up cliques thing I'd mentioned a while back. What he failed to do is ask Lawrence what it was like to have been an unfamiliar face in a strange place to see if his little one might have had a problem what with her being 'too good' to attend the same kindergarten as the rest of the first grade class he'd confidently enrolled her in. After all, we are dealing with an idiot who cherrypicks 'facts' in order to not admit that he's being a jerk so it's likely that he's probably still thinking that maybe the problem Meredith has with making chums is that she's not trying hard enough. Anything to avoid the admission that his need to ensure that Robin takes his rightful place as owner of the Pattermanse is ruining his kids' lives.
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