dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On permitting children to invade their own home.

As we all know, Lynn never quite managed to figure out that children take an active interest in what adults do nor did she realize that offsprings and small ones aren't being malevolent monsters who want to crush parental self-expression when they want to 'invade' the space that she staked out for herself. The last time I talked about this bizarre blind spot, I'd discussed how the children were forbidden from going to the library lest they be their evil, chaos-loving selves, get her fired and force her to become another stupid, useless housewife whose brain is supposed to atrophy to the point where she actually thinks that children's lives have meaning. Today, I'd like to talk about her need to control when the children are graciously permitted to enter their own home and why it is that her need to barricade herself in and her children out makes her look foolish in the eyes of the other people of Milborough and how it sells Mike on the idea that the only reason she really wanted a job was to remind him that his opinion didn't count.

First off, it doesn't take a genius to realize that most people don't see Elly as any sort of tragic figure any more than they see her as a role model or a leader. What most normal people see when they look at her is a fractious imbecile who consoles herself with the foolish belief that it's a good thing that she berates her children nonstop for disappointing her and her asshole husband. Watching her parade around like Deputy Dawg deciding if and when and for how long her children can be allowed to 'invade' their own home only confirms the belief that she's a bellicose and fragile nitwit who doesn't know what she's doing.

Second, she's too blasted stupid to realize or admit to herself that Michael remembered every last hateful word she spouts about how her life would be a lot simpler without some needy kid who can't do anything right and seems to want non-stop attention and always argues with her when he should admit that he can NEVER be right about anything. What this means is that she can never understand why he thinks that everything she does is part of a campaign to keep him from being happy because she hates him and yearns to hear his cries of pain. Her need to bar him from his own home is not thus the desperate act of a stupid woman who can't cope with distractions any more than she can understand kids, it's a deliberate way of reminding him that he doesn't matter.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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