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Lynn versus gym class

As you probably remember, I've posted a lot of speculation as to why Elly hates sports and most of it is based on her exaggerated fear of injury. As I said back then, the same woman who was convinced that John was going to beat her up because she'd got in an accident with the overpowered car that intimidated the Hell out of her seems to me to live in fear of becoming a hopeless invalid no one will take care of despite the fact that she believes that the only reason Mike ever wanted a motorbike was so that he could get paralyzed and selfishly force her to give up everything to mourn and care for an invalid. An upcoming arc gives us a simpler and better reason: Lynn and Elly share a hatred of physical effort in general and gym class in particular.

As the "Elly versus aerobics class" arc reminded us, we're dealing with a sedentary woman who, having dealt with the painful result of the revolt of muscles left to atrophy, assumes that exercise is some sort of torment inflicted on women by evil, conflict causing men to force busy women into an arbitrary standard of beauty. Also, we have to deal with her insecurity about her own appearance taking the form of assuming sight unseen that everyone else is not only judging her harshly, they're right to do so so locker rooms are something to recoil from in horror. Next, we have to contend with the personification of body shame: Mike's filthy sadist of a phys. ed. teacher who regards his charges as slug-like weaklings who need to be made into real men. This, I should think, is the result of Lynn's never getting over the idiotic lies she was told about how fat she was by imbecile parents and a moron society that believes in a wildly inaccurate and laughably destructive anachronism called the Body Mass Index.

Simply put, Lynn's belief that sports is just one big gym class is why she can't stand it. Well, that and the fact that she must join Elly in rewarding herself with a big meal after jogging herself dizzy making it look futile.
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