dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Keith Enjo and his lost opportunities.

Now that Lynn has brought the Enjo family into the mix, I'd like to remind you all of how she stupidly squandered characters who could have enriched the strip in order to meet her first stupid, long-term reality-denying end-goal of bringing Connie and Lawrence back hooooooooome so that she could deny the truth that is change and mortality.

As before, I'd like to start with Keith Enjo. We never really got to know him because he never really showed up too much. All that we did see was an affable cipher who loved zucchini and model trains. What seems to have happened is that he planted a Keith seed in John's brain and led eventually to John's crippling obsession with him. As I said before, it seems to me that the natural thing for Lynn to have done would be to have him become a sounding-board for John. In such a world, we could thus have a counter-balance to Ted when it came to asking advice about the "baffling" problem of why Elly is always so out of sorts all the time.

The problem with that is that Lynn really never seemed to care overly much about John's emotional needs; this meant that he was supposed to be a lonely cipher whose job it was to be a nitwitted and childish obstacle to Elly. Also, we have to remember that she had no intention of casting model railroading in a positive light as she clearly seemed to see it as a useless and silly diversion that kept Rod from his appointed place of living her life for her. This is why she had the model railroad club become a series of ludicrous weirdoes akin to the men of Possum Lodge. Since model railroading was an annoying and confusing waste of time where grown men played with toys at the expense of busy wives with nooooo help and nooooo time to themselves, why depict it as a good thing? One might as well give a husband a friend that takes away from his rightful place of running around like a fool playing handyman.
Tags: land of the forgotten

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