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The other lost opportunity reconsidered.

As howtheduck pointed out, for the longest time, Lynn wrote Brian's dialogue as if he were a stand-in for Lawrence. This and the fact that she had Carol wish that he'd displayed any sort of interest in girls made it easy to assume that instead of permanently derailing Lawrence's character so that he mutated into a big gay vending machine, it had been Brian who got kicked out of his house by a mother who wanted sense talked into him and a father who suddenly decided that his son was no longer his kind.

Watching her pull her punches like this is sort of a shame because we all know that if the Enjo family had been divided on the issue of whether to acknowledge Brian's existence (or whether Keith needed to be grabbed by the back of the head and have his stupid face smashed into an I-beam until his brain came back online), it would have had a hell of a lot more impact than Greg screaming about being "betrayed" by a boy he barely knew in the first place. After all, Keith and Carol have known Brian all of his life; the realization that they didn't know him as well as they thought would hit harder than Greg not knowing the side-effect of his obtaining a cook-slash-maid-slash-nanny for the teenaged girls he was playing head games with. Why, it could take months for the problem to be resolved correctly. Months in which the Pattersons would wind up actually being the family they advertise themselves as being by taking him in.

Too bad that Lynn cheated. She also cheated by not making her token gay character into Rod's brother Ralph; for reasons that should be obvious, she didn't want the sort of gay culture that scared her infiltrating the strip so thus eventually paired Lawrence off with a man who makes Anthony look dynamic.
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