dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mr Warren: Less than personification, more than plot device.

As I said last week, Lynn really hates the idea of sweating and physical discomfort so much, she tends to regard gym as a sort of torture designed by evil sports people who want to hurt her so they can laugh at her and never EVER stop to make her life worse. In order to show us that the only sort of person who is cruel and mean enough to expect a special snowflake as herself to lower herself to exercise, she helpfully created Mike's gym teacher who is the first in a long series of teachers named Warren to grace the strip. As we see today, he introduces himself as someone who declared it his mission to whip the puny children into men and had little tolerance for people who objected to his malicious and pointless torment. The end result of his running innocent children ragged for no real reason is his taking pride in being thought of as a cruel, unsympathetic task-master. This, I should think, is the end result of Lynn wanting very much to settle an old score with a grade-school phys. ed. teacher who didn't admit that yes, Lindy Ridgway was too special a child to sweat and get tired and feel pain just because some crazy, mean, awful person thought that children shouldn't spend their days on their rumps letting their bodies deteriorate merely because one willful little irritant who didn't know what was good for her couldn't see the point of following the rules like everyone else. It doesn't matter if the person was even alive to be withered by the thing, she had to set things straight.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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