dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"Why aren't they born speaking English?": The big stupid assumption and its discontents.

Of course, there's another very stupid thing that Elly can't stop believing that makes it difficult for her to be a truly effective parent: her seeming belief that children are small adults and should think like she does, want the things she does and enjoy the things that she does. It's difficult to look at a strip like this one and not realize that for some reason, Elly very much wants her children to act HER age, to not take pleasure in making noise or running around or wasting time on things that don't make her life easier. Time and again, we're given proof that Elly clearly thinks that things that loom large to children cannot possibly matter because she can't allow herself to be turned into a mindless cipher that can only have the career of mother and the identity of someone who caters to children at the expense of herself. If only they would admit that they too cannot care about being bullied or feeling insecure about playground politics or sibling rivalry and all the other things she no longer has to deal with.

Since we're dealing with the same sort of rock-stupid parent that infests Stone Soup who thinks that since she no longer attends middle school, all the horrors there have come to an end, we're thus stuck with Elly getting pointlessly upset because her children are clearly trying to get her to believe a lie about how childhood concerns are still going concerns merely because she grew up. What makes things worse is that, as I said before, the same Mike who never figured out that most of the time, his mother was mad at him for not coming out of the womb an autonomous adult who supported her goals, has, owing to his own lack of imagination and empathy, come to the insane conclusion that the baffling half-people who display an unwanted and inexplicable need to invade his privacy are pretending to act like the child he was when it's obvious as all Hell that when he stopped being a child, childhood thought patterns disappeared forever.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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