dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ride them coat-tails, Lynn!

There is one thing I've always noticed whenever Lynn makes any sort of a public statement; sooner, rather than later, she betrays her annoying tendency to not only exploit opportunties handed to her on a silver tray but to act like her lucky breaks were fore-ordained. The prototype for that sort of hatefulness is not, as one might suppose, her endless self-congratulation about her dealings with the late Charles Schulz. I'm talking about the syndicate's decision to run For Better or For Worse in the first place. Back when she was a little more humble, she had the decency to admit to herself that they were actively looking for a strip by a famale author about domestic life. Nowadays, her fame is the result of the universe unfolding as it should. She feels no real gratitude to or sympathy for the viewpoints of the women who fought for her chance to deride them in the least. It occurs to me that we may just be about to bear witness to the implosion of her career or, failing that, her public prestige. The self-destructive act I dread will, of course, be brought about as a direct result of her divorce proceedings as she alienates her audience by forcing their heads into a large pile of her dirty linen. We see, once again, her listing Rod's virtues as not who he is as a person but what he can do for her. She, of course, wouldn't have done anything on her own initiative. That might expose her to the risk of failure. She seems to these eyes to have coasted through life relying on the kindness others showed her and acted like it was her due. Given the opportunity to aggrandize herself further, she has little trouble betraying her benefactors all the while justifying her self-serving behavior by shamelessly begging the question. Given what she's revealed of herself to the media, it comes as no real surprise that her characters expect the world to be served up on a diamond-encrusted platinum charger themselves.
Tags: lynn j.: portrait of a user.

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