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Further about Fiona

Before I talk about why Fiona would have been a bad influence, I think it only fair to remind us what else John and Elly were saving Michael from. As history teaches us, John wanted to 'adjust' Michael's attitude and Elly wanted to save him from Martha. Translating that from Boomer Jackass to English means that John was too thin-skinned to deal with the bullshit he subjected his father to and Elly wanted to avenge herself on girls who didn't waste their teenaged years being huffy little nitwits by stepping on their a relationship like a big selfish idiot. They accomplished both goals by submerging Mike into a world in which he was surrounded by boorish hayseeds who hit him with a countrified version of the "refugee in a war zone" nonsense the Patterson children always get subjected to and filling his head with the insecurity about Martha's loyalty that ended up destroying their relationship. The end result is that Mike thinks that he's actually experienced something and learned that his parents are always right. Neither of those lessons are actually what I'd call 'correct' and in the course of time led him to become the hapless idiot he is now.

Let's contrast those 'good' examples from the 'bad' one Fiona would have set. The reason that she's a bad pony that Mike should not have bet on is that unlike John, Elly and Eva Warzone, Fiona has known genuine hardship growing up with a crude, entitled, verbally abusive sneak-thief of a father who viewed the world as consisting solely of suckers for him to exploit with Fiona herself as the biggest of the lot. While she is a bit of a con artist in her own right, she does have lessons to teach that the Pattersons might not want Mike to learn. Said lessons are:

  1. Trust and respect have to be earned.
  2. If people think that they can take advantage of you, they will and they won't feel the least bit sorry.
  3. The worst hucksters out there will use you as an accessory before they burn you.
  4. You have to pay attention at all times and can't rely on waiting for miracles.
  5. Things are never what they seem.
  6. Most of all, what you want has nothing to do with anything so don't take things personally.

If Mike were to have taken that sort of lesson to heart, he'd have been less likely to let his horses be owned; therefore, he had to be made to steer clear of someone who'd make him see the world as it is, not as Elly wants it to be.
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