dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The nothing that means everything.

Of course, all the silence will actually make Elly do is look back on her past and realize that she finally won. This is because Mike and Liz are finally starting to realize that children indeed fight over nothing at all just to make life worse for their poor, put-upon parents. The reason that this reassures her is that it allows her to go merrily on not admitting that merely because she no longer has to deal with the concerns of childhood, said concerns have been abolished forever.

The problem with this is that the same woman whose resentment of her brother Phil flares up at any instance in which he seems to being shown favoritism because of his gender sees no logical disconnection between insisting that yes, she has every right to be bitterly angry about things that happened when she was a child and denying that the reason that the reason that he and Liz are just now acting like siblings are supposed to is that somewhere inside of Michael is the four year old boy yelling "HEY!!! LOOK AT ME AND NOT THE BABY!!!! I CAN DO STUFF AND SHE CAN'T!!!!!" and moaning about how Lizzie 'tricked' people into praising her for nothing that we first saw back in the late seventies.

Since she doesn't seem to want to admit that childhood fears and hatreds linger because it contradicts her sentimental belief that she's somehow an anomaly in that her own childhood was not the carefree romp in which bad times were fleeting that she needs to believe childhood to be, Elly can never really understand why her children took until they were grown up to get along because she denies the existence of the primary reason. Well, there's that and the fear she shares with her evolutionary replacement Val Stone that her children will be as terrible as she believes she was. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, child rearing disasters

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