dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The ejection of April Patterson.....

Well, April's desire to leave the band is not really much of a shock, is it, now? Anyone could see that she'd eventually grow tired with it and, let's face it, she's spent too much of her life listening to her spineless parents whine about the evils of ambition like the born also-rans they are not to fear success she had to work for. If someone gives you a bag of money for nothing like Mike, you can take it with Jelly and JSTF's blessings. Earning it like those hateful creatures called 'human beings' is too, too terrible for a Perfect Passiveson to contemplate. Another fun fact is that she's inherited their ridiculous vanity. Not only has it led her to actively spurn the friendship of the only person on this Earth who doesn't get a cheap ego-boost lecturing her because (as we all know) Becky 'traitorously' acted as if she didn't realize that a Patterson MUST decide everything, it leads her to think that she's indispensable, that if she leaves, the band will fall apart. What a fool. What an arrogant little fool. They could just as easily decide to rid themselves of the whining simpleton who kept them from sharing in their former band-mate's success because her feelings were hurt and her vanity not validated. Not only would that be a good thing for them, they'd probably be following THEIR parents' advice. The only thing April will destroy here is her last chance of having any sort of identity that isn't the little delusional who lives with the pervy old fart in the overalls and his screeching old biddy of a wife.
Tags: child rearing disasters, jerkass april

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