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"Do as I say, not as I hope you never find out I do."

As I've said before, the central dramatic tension of the comic strip "Stone Soup" is Val's seeming blindness to the very real need of Holly to be who and what she is. It seems outwardly that Val has forgotten what it's like to be young and is simply tuning out her daughter out of blank-minded stupidity. The problem with that is that every so often, Val reminds us that she used to be a damned sight like Holly at that age and has thus come to the conclusion that since being a goofy kid is why her life 'sucks' in the here and now, she must save Holly from herself for her own good. Val is thus such a good parent that she's willing to sacrifice the only childhood her daughter will ever have in order to make her future better and is thus depressed by the lack of gratitude.

The reason that I mentioned this is that this is actually why John and Elly behave the way they do. As their evolutionary replacement does, they seem to regard their younger selves as being dangerous rebels who did horrible things that nearly wrecked their futures and are thus at pains to prevent their kids from being the defiant monsters they believe themselves to be. The problem with that is that what little evidence we have of Elly's past suggests that she made Marcia Brady look like Valerie Solanas. We're thus dealing with people who act like lunatics so as to save their children from acting like, well, like the most gutless goosesteppers ever to conform to the norm.

This need to save the children from being as horrible as John and Elly thought they themselves were also explains two other annoying phenomena: Exile Farm and the fact that the only time that Elly actually pays attention to her children is when they're trying to do homework without some yapping annoyance either berating them about how they can't possibly concentrate on things or blathering incessantly about meal-time. The idea that she barges in the one time she isn't needed doesn't occur to her because she thinks that she's being helpful by being a God-damned nuisance.
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