dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the exponential growth of homework.

Of course, the fact that the kids aren't robots who do chores on command so that their parents might look better in the eyes of people who don't really care what they do as long as what they do doesn't impact them isn't the only reason that John and Elly were at odds with the kids over homework. As this strip from the early nineties shows us, the Patterson parents tended not to realize that the amount of homework given a child has been on a steady upward climb since the late sixties.

This is because unlike a certain Martian picky-face princess who's evil because she's seen through the happy talk inept teachers like Lizardbreath have been programmed to bleat when challenged on their oblivious insistence on loading up the useless busywork, our hip cool boomer nincompoop protagonists can't get it through their thick skulls that not only has the standard of acceptability been raised so high that they would be hard-put to it to get through first grade, the number of teachers demanding the complete attention of their charges has multiplied. Since it's awfully damned hard to get through ONE of today's courses in an hour, having to do all six at once is sort of impossible and no amount of bleating about in my day this and teach you to organize yourself that is going to add hours to the day or make things go faster. It is thus we end up with the phenomenon that makes imbecile out of touch boomer pinheads such as Lynn or the inhumane and oafish clods who blight the comics page with the anti-youth propaganda piece 'Zits' smugly, hatefully and above all incorrectly hold out as proof that young people are lazy, unmotivated and ungrateful jerks we needn't sympathize with: children run ragged doing homework until zero stupid-thirty in the morning looking zombified when woken up after getting two hours of sleep.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, freefloating commentary

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