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Further misadventures with homework.

One of the lesser-known facts about John is that he cannot see why Elly complains so much about the endless chores that she sets herself is that he finds it so easy as to be pretty much robot work. The realization that Elly finds it as intimidating as the children do the endless homework dropped on their laps is not one that he ever seems to have made. It's akin to how Elly doesn't want to admit that her children seem to have picked up putting a chore they hate at the last possible second from her. Time and again, she makes an excuse to avoid doing something she sees as being a horrible, demeaning task and time and again, she doesn't want to know why the kids think it's okay to procrastinate when doing a needful chore whose completion is public proof that she's not a failure as a mother. We also must remember that while Elly complains about being interrupted and how long it takes her to get back into the same flow she had before the kids asked her to interact with them, she never quite understands that her habit of helpfully butting in when she's not needed is part of why homework takes so long. After all, it's not as if the kids have the same inability to get back in the swim of things after being badgered about meal time that she has, no, not them. They can pick up right where they left off and not forget where they were. This, it should be noted, is why she (and to a lesser extent, John) forget that the kids tend to have to have their knowledge retested at the beginning of the school year. (More on that after I reveal why Liz really became a teacher.)

What John seems to not want to see is something the kids picked up from him is the sort of misplaced envy that makes Michael wish he was born second so he wouldn't be disciplined for anything. John would give anything not to be the sole responsible adult capable of functioning autonomously so he bitterly envies Mike the others the very easy work they have while blanking out on the inconvenient little details that make his envy as ridiculous as his playing with trains. First off, it took him until he was in his mid-fifties to get it through his thick skull that only April shared his skill at mental arithmetic and that bellowing at Mike for not getting something that his brain simply cannot process was perhaps a waste of time that made him look like an ugly and malicious fool. This leads to the other blind spot: his children expected a bit more help than being handed things they don't know what to do with and being told "Get busy while I waste my time doing bills that I would have been better off trusting to a competent accountant instead of going broke saving money."
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