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The band: a really crappy analogy....

Over the last few years, we've been getting a strong anti-fame message in the strip with today's "I don't wanna be happy-I wanna be famous" payoff being but a sample. Always and ever, we've been assaulted with the wrong-headed notion that worldly success is a trap, that true joy is to be found in a quiet, simple life. Lynn's marital problems shed a new light on this puzzling premise. Simply put, she's part-way blaming the success of the strip for the collapse of her marriage. Her reasoning may be that if she hadn't somehow outshone her husband, he wouldn't have sought solace with someone else. Bullshit! The first lying rat-bastard adulterer stepped out on her when she was the Suzy Homemaker of her tyrannical drunk mother's dreams so how much folding green she was making had nothing to do with it. Rod would have stepped out on a stay-at-home Lynn just as easy. Even if he couldn't handle being Mr. Lynn Johnston, that ain't nohow her fault no matter what she was raised to believe. Either way, she's better off without him stinking up her life. She has the added bonus of not having to frantically search for a means of financial support in her early sixties so that's another thing someone with brains should be grateful for.

ETA: It occurs to me that I may be reading way too much into this. One recurring theme I neglected in my haste to make a shaky analogy was a strong antipathy on Lynn's part to music itself. Maybe April is allowed to be a happy success just so long as she isn't a musician.
Tags: lynn v. music, lynn versus the real world

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