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The three faces of Lane.

One of the things that I've noticed about Elly is that she impresses me as being the sort of parent who, having met someone, assumes sight unseen that her children automatically know and trust said person. I can well imagine one of the phone calls she made to Liz in Mtigwaki going something a lot like this:

Liz: I don't know that person, Mom.....I never went to that wedding...Mom, mom, I never met that family.....

and so on to having to defend herself against accusations of being ignorant and obstructive because, like Mira, Elly can't see that merely because she knows and trusts someone that it doesn't mean that her children must extend that same knowledge and trust to a stranger. This seems especially vexing and unwittingly hypocritical because she can't be asked to learn about or trust the people in her children's lives at all.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn seems to have been the sort of mother who mentally paired her children off with other children sight unseen because they would be able to present her with pretty grandchildren. The question of whether her kids liked or even knew of their twoo wuvs was probably not one she thought to ask because since she knew about the 'perfect' mate, it probably made sense to her that they should know that she knew best and love and trust strangers who more than likely weren't who Mommy thought they were. This leads me to the odd suspicion that despite helping Katie "present" her with grandchildren, it's entirely possible that Lynn doesn't see Lane Hadway as being entirely right for her because he isn't the "real" Anthony and highlighted it by giving him at least two avatars that told Katie that she's wrong to trust someone Lynn doesn't know and doesn't care to know very well. When Lynn is trying to warn her that she can't trust Lane's friends, he's Paul. When Lynn can't trust his lifestyle, he's Warren.
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