dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Georgia Extension-of-Phil

As you know, it's always sort of bothered me that we never get to learn Georgia's birth name. The subject never comes up in the strip archives nor does what Lynn would refer to as a maiden name appear in Phil's Liography. It would thus appear that neither Lynn nor Elly ever seem to have realized that Geo actually needed a surname in the first place. It's very odd but very telling that the same woman who spent all twenty-nine years bristling at the notion of being thought of as an extension of a man would idly consign Georgia to the same fate but it seems to me that while Elly lived in a nightmare world where she wasn't a person in her own right but just either Jim's daughter, John's wife, Mike's mother or Robin's grandmother and not Elly the individual with an identity all her own, she had no problem with consigning Georgia to that same state of depersonalization.

It seems to me that when they were introduced, Elly might have heard a surname but her mind forgot that unimportant detail because she saw Georgia as "Georgia, girlfriend of Phil." This changed to "Georgia, that poor girl my asshole brother selfishly refuses to marry and my parents won't make him either" once they moved in together. Once Phil proposed, she became "Georgia, fiancee of Phil" only to become "Georgia, wife of Phil" after their marriage. If she lives long enough, Elly will end up thinking of her sister in law not as the former Georgia whatever-her-surname-was but as "Georgia, widow of Phil." This leaves us living in an indeterminate world wherein John is the one who actually remembers what Georgia's last name used to be.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, georgia

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