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How the trumpet predicts school failure.

Of course, Phil brought a Hell of a lot of the headache involved with trumpet practice on himself. First off, it never seems to have entered his mind whether Mike was even interested in playing the thing, let along having any aptitude for it. He made the mistake a lot of adults in the strip do and assumed sight unseen that a child would instantly love something he himself was interested in and was angered and disappointed by the fact that Mike had his own likes and dislikes. This tendency to see kids as an extension of adults also seems to be why teachers and Pattersons are at cross-purposes. As we see in these upcoming strips where a teacher goes out of her way to jam it to Lizzie because she's not a machine part to be molded in a set way, the teachers in the Foobiverse seem to be hampered by the limiting and destructive belief that children are more or less interchangeable and can thus be molded into any shape. The reality that bellowing, pleading, threatening and pouting can't make Mike into a trumpet player any more that it can make math into something that isn't a confounding mystery isn't a reality that they're taught to expect.

The second limitation that Phil strains under is that he's taken it as an article of faith that how Mommy and Daddy behave cannot, will not and must not be thought of as a contributing factor in how willing Mike is to do anything. Like most teachers up to and including Liz, he's been trained to believe that one the one hand, we have John bellowing about stopping the racket so he can sleep until dinner time and Elly acting like the crazy moron she always does and on the other hand we have Mike being reluctant for no reason that can be said to involve the fact that he lives in a hostile environment. Phil won't do anything about Elly being a shit any more than any other teacher will suggest to the Pattersons that hauling off and screaming at the kids is killing their enthusiasm because parents and kids exist in two different worlds.
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