dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On being quiet and out of the way.

Of course, being useless when it comes to helping with homework and subconsciously setting out to ruin what little enjoyment Michael might actually have had for the trumpet is not the only times in which John and Elly's need for the kids to be quiet and stay out of their way helped turn the Patterson children into gullible dummies who can't cope with the scary outside world. As we're about to see this winter, Elly's visible hatred of having to be a hockey mother because of her stupid belief that helping her child explore something that interests him actually means that she's become his slave is going to be quite noticeable. The end result of her constant beefing about how useless sports are because she can't spend time on the higher purpose of sweeping porches and cooking indigestible, foul-tasting casseroles but instead must waste such precious time catering to her selfish little parasite who wants more time than he deserves has the end result of Mike wondering what kind of crazy woman his mother is if she does a crap-load of things she hates just to look good.

That being said, Elly being a whiny jerk about having to do things for the kids instead of what she wants would be bad enough had she not married her own kind. Her companion in telling her children to have their childhoods where she doesn't have to be oppressed by having to know about them is stupid jackass John with his non-stop need for perfect silence. As we see here, his need to be in a coma when he gets home from work collides messily with his children's need to have any sort of life that isn't sitting on folded hands so Daddy can sleep like a God-damned zombie.

It would be bad enough knowing that John and Elly believe that anything that requires them to have to interact with their children is bad because along with work and work and paying for their retirement, the children owe the two of them being quiet and out of the way because of the sacrifices they don't make were it not for the fact that they cannot and will not connect the fact that they pour cold water on any ambition the children have with the fact that the kids seem to drift through life. Then again, they never do connect their behaviour with what their kids do so that's nothing new.
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, john and elly versus their children, john patterson: complete monster

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