dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson, sex offender.

As we know, Lynn loves to use her strip as a means of avenging herself on people who've disappointed her or angered her by criminally and evilly getting in the way of her getting what she wants or telling her to do stuff that bores her. This usually results in John looking more dickish with each passing day because Rod objected to being hammered over the head in a public format while his wife kept telling him a brazen lie about how there's no connection between his pissing her off and his avatar devolving before our eyes.

Given that there have been any number of occasions in which John stands there like a slobbering pervert ogling pretty girls who aren't actually encouraging him and don't especially want to steal husbands no matter how much slut-shaming Lynn does to justify her belief that she has to be a paranoid, self-loathing mess in order to not look at herself and see someone who doesn't want to be happy AND the number of times that John has looked like a full-on child molester, it seems to chucique that the best revenge fantasy of all would have been to end the strip by registering John as a sex offender. The only downside is that Rod would have an excuse to sue Lynn for defamation of character and have a great chance of succeeding and possibly even turning the public against Lynn. Hmmm. Perhaps the Strip of Density should have had him beheaded by a fiberglass chicken head.....
Tags: lynn the vindictive.

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