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The art of the revenge fantasy.

Yesterday's speculation as to a really neat way to get back at Rod by jamming it to his avatar is a reminder of an unpleasant reality: the sheer vindictiveness of the people in this strip. As Phil's response to being dumped reminds us, the idea that people can actually choose someone who isn't a Patterson or Patterson-like lifeform reveals the spoiled, self-absorbed and vindictive brat firmly in need of a corrective dope-slap inside most of the characters. It's fairly irritating to have to look at someone wishing that another person would die in misery because she didn't fancy him and even more so when you remember that the person he's squealing about pulls the same stunt later on.

After all, the end of Ted's relationship with Connie is a revenge fantasy so perfect, its picture should show up in the dictionary entry for revenge fantasies. As howtheduck reminds us, it currently has all the elements save one. First, we have in Ted the unappreciative clod who wanted to have his freedom only to realize he'd lost a good thing when Connie moved. Second, we have in Connie the woman who tells Ted that despite his groveling realization that he wants and needs her, he's no longer good enough for her. All we lack at the current moment is The Better Man who will treat Connie the way she deserves to and we're a few months away from Greg's showing up so that element of the fantasy is on its way. It's as perfect a revenge fantasy as Martha ending up being fat, alone and miserable with children she has to work two jobs to support because of her failure to realize that she should have waited patiently for the Delicate Genius to grace her with her presence. Heh. Five bucks says that somewhere in the pile of rancid sausage meat that Lizardbreath calls a brain is a fantasy in which Paul and Susan die miserable and broke and the people of Mtigwaki get struck down by a cancer plague Ebola fire for not living her life for her.

This leads us to the other, more common revenge fantasy: wanting to inflict misery on people they perceive as deliberately having a better life than they are for the sole purpose of being dicks to them. Since the idea that people can do things without trying to screw them over is as likely to occur to them as the idea that people can want things they don't while still meaning well, we have to deal with the Breath wanting to get payback on people for having to be a bridesmaid echoing Elly's need to have Phil have it all because he 'won' their childhood. As it is in affairs of the heart, the innate pettiness and need to be seen as the victims of all victims exceeding all others shows us just how ugly the Pattersons are.
Tags: lynn the vindictive., ogres are us

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