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The Pattersons' carrot and stick approach.

As I said at the end of yesterday's post, we sometimes come across strips that depict Michael and Liz making Elly's life worse by behaving better around other people than they do around her and John. It bothers her that Michael is a surly little creep at home and Lizzie is loaded with all kinds of attitude when it's obvious to her that they're turning their back on all of the love in her great big heart.

What she loses sight of is that trying to hug away a bad mood doesn't work because she's not the only person showing two faces to different sets of people. While the public at large sees a normal, even-tempered woman with an odd penchant for zoning out when her kids are trying to get her attention and while other kids see a pretty good sport, her own children end up at the business end of Malcolm Tucker's idea of what the carrot-and-stick approach is: "First, you take the carrot, you shove up his [boxcar] arse followed by the stick followed by an even bigger, rougher carrot." It's sort of hard to be enthusiastic about working for the parents if Mommy can never be pleased and if Daddy spouts irrational nonsense about how free time is for the weak. Just as Elly can't get along with the kids because she thinks they're trying to ruin her, Mike couldn't get along with Elly or willingly do things for her because she loved him soooo much, she wanted to save him from thinking that she was proud of him.
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