dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn's research in action: the break up.

So, April and Gerald are done with for now. And, as we all guessed, the reason is totally stupid. It isn't that he was an insensitive dick about Jim's first stroke or his unapologetic disdain for the Special Needs students or his 'service-me' bullshit last March. It is only indirectly about his willingness to consort with the Rebeccahs of the world. The reason he thinks he can no longer associate with the likes of April is that he wants to play for money while she 'wants to have fun'. In short, he wishes to leave the comforts of suburbia while she wants to stay home like a 'decent' person. Not only is Lynn unaware of what goes on in a real band or real high school, she doesn't take the time to find out. She seems to have taken the shortcut a lot of lazy people take: watching TV shows and movies that confirm her preconceptions. You might think that a writer like her wouldn't fall into that trap but she's a really crappy one so that's what's happened. Oddly enough, this confirms my original preconception that this was about Lynn's marital problems. It seems to me she's saying that Gerald/Rod the nomad can't be there for Lynn/April the homebody.
Tags: lynn versus the real world, picky-face martian princess creature, the continental

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