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From the fantasy that is Gordon to the reality of Mike and Liz.

Of course, the really annoying thing about Gordon's being a self-starter is that he actually wasn't. As I said yesterday, he's a walking, talking public service announcement for how the people that the too-good-to-be-true types and jocks mistreated will end up working for them because Lynn doesn't want to admit that she's a very lucky woman who just happened to fill a niche. Just as Gordon was lucky to be Touched By The Pattersaints, Lynn was very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. That being said, Lynn loves to make a meal of commenting on how people need to work harder because that's how she thinks she got ahead when it's actually her connections that got her where she is.

The best illustration of that is how easy it was for Mike and Liz to get into good schools despite having dismal grades and almost no life outside the home and no interests that someone didn't suck all the fun out of by nagging her stupid head off about how they can never please her or someone else grumbling about having to be pried loose from his easy chair. While other people had to work hard to maintain a good GPA and spend most of their remaining time filling up a resumé, Mike and Liz got a free ride in a chauffeured limo because John God-damned bought their way in for them. This means that Mike and Liz are the best examples of all of being Touched By The Pattersaints. As it was with Gordo, John and Elly redeemed people who struggled against the truth of waiting for the miracle and brought good things into their lives.
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