dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gordon and Tracy Mayes are extremely silly.

Of course, being there to remind us that the smart and pretty people are doomed to failure for crossing the humble isn't the only thing that Gordon and his wife Rosie Freaking Cotton from Freaking Hobit....Tracey are there for. They're also there to be really bad friends to the Pattersons and give them terrible advice about their love lives. Remember back when Mike was making an ass of himself whining about being a bug on a windshield because his fragile ego shattered like glass when Rhetta callously betrayed him and threw his heart in her great big machine because she was setting him up for that all along because she said no, she didn't see the point of being expected to be a toy reserved for the use of a massive SHITE named Mike Patterson? Instead of telling him that he's being an ugly, ignorant tool, there are Gordo and Tracey saying "Yes, Michael, she IS bad for you because you live in different worlds. She's actively decided to stay in the dreary, cultureless parking lot for human Fords called Milborough while you'll be passively manipulated into doing so. You're not being a smarmy, whiny brat who needs to be eviscerated in the least."

If that weren't bad enough, guess who was always there to feed into Liz's jealousy, hatred and refusal to empathize with Thérèse? Gordon and friggin'Tracey, that's who!! Instead of being actual friends and actually telling Liz to grow up, move on with her life and admit that no, she doesn't have the right to intrude on another woman's life merely because she feels loooooonely and is supposed to do what she wants anyway because SHE LITTLE!!!!, they told her the same damned thing Elly told Mike about Lawrence: "Wait long enough and try hard enough and you can get what YOU want instead of what's right."

Why this need to feed into the Patterson children's ugly habit of cursing people who get in their way of steamrolling over others like the horrible brats they are? It ain't just because they're beholden to John and Elly and parroting the party line like good socialists. It's envy of and hatred for people who want more out of life than they have. Gordon and Tracey married too early and don't have the courage to explore the scary, scary outside world and hate people who have a plan to go somewhere with their lives. They like people who simply drift through existence waiting for the miracle that happens to people who trust in fate, faith and the endless hungers and lusts of John and Elly Patterson.
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