dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On magical thinking in the Foobisphere.

As I said yesterday, I'm starting to think that Elly doesn't quite understand the laws of cause and effect and tends to think that everything that happens around her obeys the laws of magic. This is why I made that silly comment about her belief that Liz would get hurt on her motorcycle because those things repel the protective mother love that keeps children safe when they're in Mother's Protective Metal Womb. Similarly, April's toppling in the water happened not because Elly was a negligent twit who dropped the ball when telling her child who to ask or an oblivious clod who ignored warning signs or even a dimwit who can't be asked to pay attention to where her child was. According to her, it happened because April fools all of us.

This, I should think, is why she personally is averse to spending too much time away from her beloved busy work accompanying her children in the pursuit of their outside interests. It's her belief that since the children never get hurt when doing scary hockey of getting hit with sticks or scary figure skating of falling down and being in pain forever and ever and ever and never having pain end because if you get hurt or cut, the wound will never heal and the pain never go away because that's what a fraidy-cat six year old in the body of a suburban housewife in her late thirties thinks, it should be obvious that the love in her great big heart is protecting them anyway so her physical presence is actually redundant. It's this sort of mush-headed thinking that makes Mike think that people who don't like him shouldn't be allowed to do things he does.
Tags: elly lives in a world of magic

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