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Cause and mental defect.

Of course, most of the reason that Elly wants to believe in magic is that she doesn't like connecting her questionable behaviour to the horrible results. She wants to believe that some force toppled April into the river because she doesn't feel like connecting it to her not telling her flat-out "Ask me or your father if you can leave the yard" because that makes the whole thing her fault. The difference between her and her children is that at least she tries to find an excuse for things going wrong that isn't herself.

What tells me that Mike isn't aware of the steps he's taken that cause disharmony in life is the whole mess leading up to his final break-up with Martha. Simply put, he'd become so narrowly fixated on the illusory freedom of getting his learner's permit that he'd began to see her less as a person in her own right with her own needs and more as something that would make him look cool when cruising down Main Street. This behaviour drove her into the arms of someone who looked as if he was going to actually treat her like a person. Since Mike is a self-centered twit who doesn't understand that people can react negatively to what he does because of that whole "he thinks the universe ceases to exist when he closes his eyes" thing I mentioned when I talked about how he witlessly antagonized Brad, this natural development came out of nowhere because he's too damned stupid to pay attention to how he behaves, let alone understand how people react to his antics. Rather than curse himself for being a blind fool who let a good thing slip away, he turned things around in his head so she was bad because he's too stupid to see what he'd done wrong. Simply put, what Mike assumes is game-playing is actually the normal reaction to his being a clueless, abrasive dickhead who blunders witlessly from one self-induced disaster to another because he's the disturbed and disturbing proof of the Chinese saying "A rat can only see an inch in front of him."
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