dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Cause and mental defect, the 2014 edition.

Of course, the interesting fact about obliviousness and self-absorption on the scale demonstrated by the Delicate Genius is not just that he's capable of touching of a Stalinist purge that personally reminds me of Gamergate because he's too stupid to realize that yes, he was nothing more than a monkey assigned to fill in the blanks on a "Meet the Creator" thing about the Divala he thought was trying to destroy him despite her still not knowing who the Hell this Mike Patterson person who set her career back at least a decade is. We are not just dealing with a man who glows with triumph because he prevailed over an 'oppressor' who couldn't pick him out of a police line-up. We are also dealing with a total clod who can't understand why his mother is only just now getting her bachelor of arts, why his wife is always so tired and irritated and why his children do things that drive him up the wall because of that whole failure to admit that what he does has an effect on people when that effect inconveniences him.

First off, the dunce never seems to have gotten it through his thick skull that despite what network television and his dickweed dad tell him, housework was and is an exhausting battle that left Elly and leaves Deanna bone tired and mentally incapacitated. Always and ever, the idea that he's supposed to be catered to at the expense of others is seen as having no effect on the people around him because he can't possibly be the problem because he's always the good guy.

He also isn't a lot of the reason why his children do the very alarming thing of wanting his attention which has suddenly become inconvenient and wrong when it's his time that's being wasted hanging around children when he could otherwise do useless busywork that doesn't matter. It's not that the children yell at him for never having time for them because he doesn't make any and fight with each other because he can't help but pit them against each other, it's because children suddenly argue over nothing because arguing over something makes him in the wrong.

This leaves us dealing with an indeterminate future in which Mike will be astonished that it took until Meredith and Robin were in their twenties to act like siblings and help him out and admit that yes, he should have done more for his mother while she was alive to appreciate it.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, mike versus elly

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