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On the planting of a Deanna seed.

The irritating thing about Michael's douchebaggery when it comes to the horrible way he treated Martha is not that he convinced himself after the fact that he'd 'made her up'. Convincing himself that he didn't know what love was when he was with her is the way Pattersons protect themselves from the realization that they'd made ugly, stumbling fools of themselves by reacting to a minor bump in the road by burning things down, pissing on the ashes of their relationship and saying things that they could not take back.

The interesting thing is that Mike needed to believe that he was going to be toyed with in the first place because that's just how things worked. Since he didn't watch his mother's stories or read mushy girl books of hugging, kissing and other violence, it seems to me that he picked up the expectation of having a girl mess with his head in the real world. What's more, I know who sabotaged all the girls who dared to come after her by sending a jackass who wailed about being a bug on a windshield their way: Deanna.

What she's currently doing is playing the "If he liked me, he'd notice something boys don't actually notice despite that being the case on network television" game with Michael. Said game always results in the boy becoming the loser because even if Mike hadn't made that stupid comment to be tight with his crew, he's still at the phase where girls all sort of blend together. He doesn't understand why they travel in groups, he doesn't understand why they go to the washroom in groups and he for sure can't notice that she's gotten her ears pierced because when he looks at her, his brain tells him "girl: avoid."

This results in her getting a very precious thing: a reason to be upset with someone and cry about being the victim with her nose in the air and get all sorts of unearned sympathy from other idiots who play the same rigged game. It also allows her to do another precious thing: teach the object of her affections that messing with boy's heads is simply what girls do. This means that Mike pretty much went in expecting to be mistreated and betrayed because Deanna's a manipulative jerk whose favourite tactic is the Wounded Gazelle Gambit. It's stuff like this (as well as her generously wanting to decide April's future for her because it seems only fair that she do whatever she wants with the free baby-sitter Elly graciously presented her with) that make me think that Deanna used to be (and still is) a Mean Girl. Martha and Rhetta never stood a chance because Mike was programmed to think that crushing his heart in their machine was just what girls did. Deanna never met them but she had to sabotage them anyway because them's the rules.
Tags: deanna: mastermind, mike patterson: universal idiot

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