dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Two T's....as in 'twit.'

One of the odder things that has come up recently is a reminder that Lynn takes offense when people forget that there's a 't' in her last name. Both the interview with Jan Wong and the Reubens Award dinner had her bristle with animosity when people failed to remember that fact. The reason that I mention that is that it's reflected in the strip when Mike starts his first year of University. As we see here, he's constantly having to correct people who think that his name is spelled with one 't' instead of two. While we're also being asked to absorb guff about how Mike is amongst strangers who don't care about where he came from and who 'sully' his work by insisting on correct punctuation, vocabulary that makes logical sense and cutting out the bulk that bores readers, the most of it is that evil strangers who are evil don't care enough about the best people ever to say their name correctly.

What makes this all the more hilarious is the person getting all snippy about people getting his name right: the dumb bastard who refuses to admit that he should maybe can it with treating his sister like an invader in her own home because he's too selfish and mean-spirited to share and thus must can it with calling her Lizardbreath and whining about how she hurt his feelings by standing up for herself. It delights me to see him getting treated as shabbily by other people even if he's not capable of realizing that he shouldn't make people feel as bad as he does when he gets teased. No matter how much whining about how Sistwirp doesn't deserve to be treated with respect because being asked to share means noooooooooobody looooooooooves him continues to bite him in the ass, it never seems to have gotten through to him that maybe, he isn't the best kid ever because he doesn't like that twist in that maze in his skull. He keeps seeing a scary image of a horrible person who does bad things because he's a jerk: himself.

What this means in the long term is that we can look forward to an indeterminate future in which Mike leaps down the throat of anyone evil and foolish enough to make the good-faith mistake of misspelling his name. Ah, well. At least the need to get his arse in the air over nothing keeps him from becoming one of those cranks in the spelling reform movement. Were that the case, he'd 'solve' the problem by writing his name 'Mykl Patrsn.'
Tags: don't be foobish, mike versus lizzie

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