dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly's superpower: Self-destructive volunteerism.

Of course, Mike's problem is made worse by the fact that he isn't really aware of the reason that he does stupid things and why it is that people don't like him. As we see here, he's not aware that his unjustified belief that people who don't go out of their way to be jackasses aren't the mindless drones he thinks they are is most of the reason why people find him hard to take. He also doesn't seem to look outside himself and see the petulant, self-absorbed and oblivious clod who not only let Martha and Rhetta slip through his fingers because he's an imbecile but whined about their obviously wanting to crush his poor delicate heart in their evil machines. What this tells me is that Michael's superpower is a crushing lack of self-awareness accompanied by a complete inability to accurately judge how people perceive him. Were he aware that people are right to perceive him as being an abrasive, whiny clod who can't understand that yes, he is the bad guy when it comes to his toxic relationship with Lizzie, the shock to his self-concept would probably crush him.

He has to get that from his oblivious clod father because he sure doesn't get it from his mother whose mantra is "I know what's wrong with me but I'm helpless to do anything about it". As we see here, she knows damned well why it is that she ends up doing more work that she wants to and has had that belief confirmed by a medical professional but she doesn't think that she's supposed to do anything about it because she believes that being all things to no people is expected of her. Unlike Mike or Lizzie, she's aware that what she does to herself is stupid and self-destructive but doesn't want to change because she sees herself as being trapped in a maze not her making.
Tags: elly on her cross

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