dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Settlepocalypse 2017: How Lynn screwed up......

Today, we see April's full-fledged transformation into the passive-aggressive, entitled, short-sighted, foul-tempered entity known as a Patterson female. As the years mount, she too will huff about how she can do what she wants but her victim-mates cannot. The sad thing is that Lynn is repeating something that might have appealed to her target audience of people who never outgrew the ethos of the romance comics this plotline was cribbed from but destroyed the credibility of her characters. As has been said before on many occasions by other, wiser people, Anthony's constant presence in the background has destroyed him as a credible romantic lead. If he hadn't been hovering in the background pining away for Liz, if his marital problems had come as a complete shock, if Liz had been rescued from Howard by a man who thought he had a stable marriage, if John had had to console someone who didn't see Therese's infidelity coming, we'd be in his corner. Lynn's piss-poor storytelling made a man who could have been a sympathetic male lead into a crouching, loathesome, immature figure. It also turned Liz into a flake, ricocheting relentlessly from arrogant entitlement to passive moaning. As I've said before, it would have been a lot better if Liz had been somehow made to confront the fact that her sojourn up North and dalliance with rugged, outdoorsy in high-ridk jobs types was her playing the varsity game of Let's Pretend. Say for instance that she for a moment thought Warren or Paul had died in the line of duty. She'd have to face that it wasn't in her to handle that much stress, that much potential heartache, that they deserved a stronger woman than her. Armed with real self-knowledge, she'd be mature enough to be the wife and mother Anthony needed instead of the overgrown teenager we see. Again, substandard storytelling turning her characters into fools. The sad thing is that as the hybrid goes on, she'll wreck April and Gerald in much the same way and feel good about it.
Tags: lizthony, picky-face martian princess creature, the continental

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