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This stuff'll kill me: Elly versus 'headache' music.

As you know, I am not a fan of the way that Lynn and Elly have children ask if they can have junk food and the Les Moore-esque sugar cereal. It annoys me no end to have to deal with her belief that children don't really love said foods but only eat them to maliciously torment the mothers they were born hating because there's no other possible explanation for not mindlessly agreeing with mother than a love of chaos for its own sake. I'm also not fond of her deliberately misconstruing their need to personalize their living space as meaning that they hate her so much, they want to spread chaos and deny that the truth of how the place she allows them to inhabit should be as sterile as her imagination. What I'd like to talk about today is her unswerving belief that what her evil children call 'music' is simply discordant noise that is designed for the singular purpose of being loud and rejecting the love in Elly's great big heart because of the atom bomb and shutting themselves off from the wisdom and love and gentle criticism and not at all withering verbal abuse and self-centred wailing about how life was sweet before children came along and ruined EVERYTHING FOREVER!!!!! Elly lovingly preaches.

This is because the same woman who thinks the cool jazz her brother Alan likes to play from time to time is discordant noise because she can't sing along to it as part of a mass chorus (thereby disqualifying it from being 'music') hears anything that isn't the wailing of Tennessee's troubadours, insipid nonsense spouted by a plastic person, or the crooning of a Pat Boone clone to be incoherent, ugly, deafening noise that booms and is bad and wrong because the same impulse that has her convinced that Mike is 'arguing' with her because he hates her sooooooooooooooooo much he can't admit that he can never be right about anything because he's too young leaves her to believe that the only reason things change is to make her look ignorant and foolish and old because people want to keep her down because she's too awesome to be allowed to be awesome. This leaves us dealing with what truly makes her a monster: the need to insert herself everywhere.
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