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On imperialistic narration in the Foobisphere.

As we've seen over the last little while, Lynn is the sort of person who lives to turn herself into the subject of every conversation. She seems to be one of those horrible people who simply cannot conceive of a situation wherein she is not central to the conversation. The most recent case in point is where she started out telling the story of an oddball peer being a goofy but essentially well-intentioned father going the gonzo extra mile for his child and turned it into a referendum on her own need to ride rough-shod over her own kids for their own good.

The reason that I mention this is that people like that can't tolerate competing narratives at all well. As I've mentioned once or twice, I come from a family of people just as bull-headed, contrary-minded and short-tempered as Elly is and have had a lot of practice dealing with people who can't handle conflict because they see it as an attack on themselves. Next week's arc is a very annoying one because it's a prime example of this tendency to turn the conversation into a monologue about herself. We get to plow head-first into a scenario where Mike and Lizzie's wanting to participate in extra-curricular activities like the other kids becomes a monologue on how it keeps Elly from living her life the way she wants to. It's not about Mike having a social life and bonding with friends, it's about how Elly has to run around serving him like she's his SLAVE instead of the mother who's supposed to be the only person who decides what he does, where he does it and when.

It's this need to see anything her children say or do that makes her feel uncomfortable or angry as a cruel and vicious attack on her person inspired by a malicious need to silence her that tended to keep Liz and April from talking to her about their lives. Why say anything if all anyone's going to get is blathering about how bad children are, a stream of absurdity that shows how out of touch and proud of it she is or a torrent of consciousness rant that makes everything about Mom? This differentiates them from Mike who doesn't see that he's supposed to talk to adults at all because that's stooling to the guards.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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