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Mike versus talking to authority figures.

Of course, there's another reason aside from the fact that Elly tends to hijack every conversation and make it all about how bad her life is and how everyone is trying to keep her down that kept Liz and April from confiding in her. That something is a rather sad and natural reaction that pretty much every growing child has to his or her observation of the wider world. One thing that Liz noticed for the first time when she was fretting about life passing her by owing to being compelled to babysit is that Elly had the three major characteristics of growing old: graying hair, a spreading middle and feet of clay. Since children tend towards the belief that the things that are happening to them are happening for the first time ever to anyone and since their brains haven't developed to the point that they can see past first impressions or through psychological defense mechanisms, the parents suddenly become evil, uncool dorks who can't be talked to because they were never young or scared or felt they were ugly or never knew heart-ache and whose lives are over anyway. When you add in the fact that Elly's fear of being seen as weak complicates the issue by giving her an unreasoning fear of being seen as vulnerable and human and thus not worthy of respect and her need to make every single conversation about how hard it is to be a busy mother with nooooooo help or time to herself or gratitude, it's sort of easy to see why we see the sort of shutting themselves off from their parents that enrage the boomer imbeciles who write and draw Zits and blather about how things were different when they were young because they're boomer idiots who're too stupid to see how hypocritical they are.

What's even less easy for boomer numb-skulls like John or Elly to understand is why Mike always seems to have not wanted to open up to authority figures. Certain people sometimes ask the question "Why didn't Mike tell the camp counselors he was being picked on and put up to doing crap by people who were jerking him around?" without remembering the fact that every single interaction with an adult always ends up with him being screamed at for being a horrible child who no one could possibly love. Since we're dealing with a pessimistic little weirdo who has a distinct dislike of admitting that even when he knows why people are upset with him, they're being unfair and not letting him do what he wants because he's special, he would have seen adults as tyrants trying to kill fun because they're old and can't laugh even if Elly weren't a frustrated, self-pitying mess who took out her feelings of boredom, isolation and terror on a relatively innocent kid and John not an entitled, immature oaf who loathes the idea of dealing with his children when it isn't amusing. Telling a grown-up that Brad Luggsworth wants to punch him in the face would mean exposing another kid to the enemy adults who want to kill childhood so is forbidden.
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