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She's a love fool: the Twoo Wuv complex explained.

Now that we're done with Deanna for about a decade or so, I'd like to point you to another reason why Lynn seems to be obsessed with the idea that a grade school is a hotbed of romantic intrigue. As a recent Lynnsight indicates, she appears to have been somewhat precocious in respect to how early her interest in the idea of being in love with a male contemporary developed. Simply put, the love with being in love kicked in somewhere between kindergarten and second grade and it seems to have suborned her mental processes. While the people that surrounded her behaved like normal children, Lynn seems to have wandered around in a daze slobbering over the idea of being in love with some boy who couldn't and wouldn't return her affections.

When you remember that Lynn is extremely reluctant to admit the possibility that she could be what social scientists call an outlier and what laymen call 'that creepy little girl who got love-sick too early,' she doesn't want to admit that boys and girls got themselves into packs and didn't like the idea of consorting with The Enemy much. While her peers first started to warm to the idea of being friends with girls when they were in their early- to mid-teens, Lynn couldn't admit that her third-grade chums actually meant it when they talked about how icky boys/yucky girls had cooties and the like because of the primal dread she has of not being normal. She thus seems to have come up with her usual protective mechanism of assuming that everyone is really just like her so she doesn't have to be alone and swarmed by people who want to tear her down.

Thus do we have to trudge through slop about how Deanna and Mike were destined to be together and why it took so long for Lizzie and Chris Nichol's replacement to finally have their almost last chance when reality would have them drift away. It's not just Lynn's reluctance to create new characters that's in play. We also have to deal with her inability to admit that elementary school isn't Peyton Place with juice boxes.
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