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Further notes on the parent-child cold war.

As we're about to see, we're going to be subjected to another week of whining because Elly actually has to do things for her children and not get anything out of it that she'd recognize as being valuable. For a reason I've discussed before, she seems to regard this as an injustice because she seems to see parents and children as natural adversaries. As we see in this very old strip, John is supposedly Everyparent because he immediately jumps to the insane conclusion that the least bit of resistance to his whims means that his evil son is trying to destroy his poor defenseless father out of wickedness. The idea that most people see him as a whiny bully pissing himself in horror because his child still has free will is not something that can enter Lynn's mind because she views the world as being a vast zero-sum game in which everyone plays for blood because they hate her.

Another idea that never seems to occur to her is that not everyone in the world immediately jumps to the idiotic and lunatic conclusion "This thing that my child has done by what she calls a mistake inconveniences me and makes me feel angry and therefore must not actually be a mistake because I'm so self-absorbed that when there's news of a horrible accident that makes me miss my stories, I whine about why the Universe seems designed to ruin my life by talking about a bunch of ciphers whose lives and deaths mean nothing to me because I don't know them."

This leads us to the annoying problem that inspired this iteration of my standard "Lynn is a horrible parent and proud of it" theme: a recent event in which she congratulated herself for not falling into the horrible trap of being involved in her children's activities. As I've said in the past, she will die in the firm belief that doing so would have been a humiliating defeat in which they set the agenda not because they're people in their own right or that doing so would improve her life but because their hatred for her inspired them to take away her happiness because otherwise, she's a jerk.

What agitates me most about how smug she got about it all is that yet again, she either doesn't see or doesn't want to see that she's pretty much alone on this. Most people feel enriched by being a part of their children's lives and, instead of coming to the conclusion that people who actually do things for their kids are super-humans, would look at someone who whines about having to waste time with children when there are porches to be swept as having, to say the least, skewed priorities. To say the most, we'd have to get the writers of "The Thick of It" to feed Peter Capaldi a symphony in the key of F-word to express our outrage.
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