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Further misadventures in being a show-off martyr mom.

Of course, the context of this week's hockey mom arc that Lynn doesn't realize that she's providing is that Elly is a great big show-off who makes a very public meal of how hard she has and how ungrateful her children are. While it's true that Elly bristles at the notion that she cares more for how she looks than how her children feel, the fact of the matter is that she lives and dies for the opinion of other people and lives her life so as to reassure the Quality Women that she's not some nitwit who isn't in control of her surroundings.

The problem is that the same women tend to remember things she doesn't. They remember looking at her aimless children as they wander around like lost souls because she's too busy doing pointless busywork or things that could wait until later to allow them in their own home. They remember that the library became a less oppressive place to send their children when a high school kid who knows who to work a VCR took the place of the fractious ignoramus housewife running the reading program. They remember overhearing her children as they marvel at the dedication of parents who do things for their children without making a big show of it all and they especially remember the crazy woman the dentist married making an ugly, melodramatic fool of herself by complaining about what a torment it is to have children decide what an adult does. This means that she has no idea at all that the more she blathers about how we mothers have to sacrifice, the less impressed her audience is. They don't see themselves as having much in common with someone who gives off the impression that the only reason she had kids was to have something to complain about.
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