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Where the Pattersons live and why that changed.

As we all know, we're currently dealing with the fact that back in 1985, the Pattersons lived in a community called Eastgate. They shop at the Eastgate mall, Mike and Lizzie have practice at the Eastgate arena, Elly works at the Eastgate branch of the library and Farley was picked up by the Eastgate division of the local animal control. The interesting part of that is that up until 2001, Eastgate was a neighbourhood in a town called Stony Creek, Ontario; afterwards, it was amalgamated into the city of Hamilton. This is because when Lynn created the strip, she put the Pattersons in a community much like her beloved community of Dundas, Ontario which also got amalgamated into Greater Hamilton.

The reason that I mention this is that sometime in the near future, the Pattersons' home town shifts from Eastgate/Stony Creek to Scarborough and then to Milborough, both of which are part of Metro Toronto. This, to make it easy for an American to understand, is akin to uprooting the Seinfeld gang from Manhattan to Boston. They're in the same general part of the world but would have to switch which sports franchise they support. Just as the Pattersons had to switch from supporting the Tiger-Cats to the Argonauts, the displaced Gang would go from supporting the Yankees and Jets to the Red Sox and Patriots.

There seems to be a very good reason for why this changed and it has to do with the extreme reluctance displayed by the Suits about setting the strip in Canada in the first place. Given that it's all the average grinning idiot executive can do to admit that Canada isn't like a damned Mountie movie in the first place, expecting him to understand that there are cities that aren't "Toe-RON-toe" and "Mon-tree-all" is kind of pushing it. Simply put, Lynn had to move them to a place the imbeciles in suits had actually heard of. It's kind of why she never put Thanksgiving in the strip. Since the boatload of zombified clod MBAs had no idea that we celebrate it earlier and objected to it because boardrooms are a parking lot for human Pintos and Gremlins, Lynn judged you all by their piss-poor standard.
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