dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On what the love generation actually accomplished.

One of the more irritating means by which John tried huffing and puffing about how change is somehow bad because he somehow got defeated forever because his ability to roll over people actually gets challenged was when he made a facile pseudo-profundity about how nothing that the peace-and-love set did seemed to have any lasting effect so they would have been better off getting crew cuts and working for Raytheon. Mike's response was to state that what the boomers gave the world that wasn't a hopelessly muddled political system was an assemblage of poorly-raised and aimless children like himself and Lizzie. While John would go on to make more ill-informed and useless comments about how the world was some sort of magic vending machine because he's too stupid to understand that his betters made things easy for him, Mike did accidentally raise a good point.

After all, most of the reason Mike acts like a damned hillbilly is that he was raised to be one by inept parents. One of the few delights remaining to us in this era of the driving devolution of the democratic dream is having to beat witness to John and Elly playing Pontius Pilate and duck any sort of blame for his lack of standards; they refuse to admit that when they bleat that they had nothing to do with his bringing down the property values even quicker than that ugly-ass model train layout of John's does, people interpret it in a way not in their favour. It's akin to how they wash their hands of his still being stupid, stubborn, gullible and clumsy when they themselves are equally incompetent. The two of them seem to live in a world of magic in which they can will people to be better citizens than they're willing to be.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, elly lives in a world of magic, john patterson: confused philosopher, john versus reality

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