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The pub bore at home: John philosophizes.

As I pointed out yesterday, John tends towards dispensing terrible advice that those around him know to be terrible. In the example I linked to, Mike is trying to explain that his prospects look sort of poor only to endure a chunk of gibberish about working to win from a man who never really had to work for what he got in life. Given that we know that most of the things in life he thinks are the result of plugging away are actually the results of just showing up and maintaining a pulse, it's sort of annoying having to listen to someone who benefited from the hard work of others (his parents, Elly and the dentist who hired him in the first place) without really paying them back as such pontificate about self-reliance and what other people owe him for doing basically nothing.

Were this not bad enough, we're stuck with the fact that he doesn't like being reminded that his head is wedged up his ass and that he doesn't actually know what he's talking about. From the very early post-Halloween strip where he wallowed in self-pity because Mike criminally decided to act as if he had no God-damned idea what he was running his mouth about to his ugly yapping about April being a princess, we're dealing with a mush-headed jerk who can call people on their nonsense but can't endure the least hint that his knowledge of a situation is incomplete or that his point of view is incorrect. This is because he's the element of Lynn's personality who believes that no matter how off-base her opinion is and how laughably incorrect she might be about an issue, she's owed complete and unquestioned obedience because she's better than we are.
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