dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A world without tears.

The thing that most angered trumanf about today's strip is that April refused to acknowledge that she was crying becuase she was sad. Nope, not her. She was crying because the sun got in her eyes. That's because the Pattersons don't want to feel negative emotions. Remeber the last time we saw April? Liz was delivering a verbal smack-down because the kid was trying to make he feel guilty about letting Jesse steal Jim's beloved harmonica. Again, a Patterson not wanting to feel a discomforting emotion. Elly's bizarre looking detachment (her emotional removal, if you will) in the face of Jim's problems is another example of the No-Feel philosophy as was Elly's dithering about Kortney. She didn't want to be enraged by a Lying thief any more than she wanted to worry about her kid. For the Pattersons as they stand now, feeling sorrow, remorse or concern about REAL problems is impossible. Doing that would dispel their cherished illusion that the world was a minimum cinch arranged for their benefit. They only allow themselves to feel strong emotions about mild inconveniences.
Tags: the whiffle life

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