dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On sugar plums, hard hats and sports cars.

The very interesting thing about this year's run-up to Christmas is that we have a very typical reaction from John to Mike's enthusiasm as regards all the neat stuff available for Christmas back in the eighties. Instead of simply letting it wash over him like the non-event it was, our lad took it as cause to make a ludicrous comment about how suddenly children are greedy entitled monsters who have lost sight of the Real Meaning Of Things. I remember at one point, he got so desperate to "prove" this point that he talked his dad into helping him give Michael the gift of appealing to worse problems for Christmas.

The reason that I mention this is that John seems to be the only person not aware that he's being a hypocritical jackass when he stands around making his stupid speeches about how materialistic his children are. Trying to remind him that he's far more into playing with toys than his children ever were is a non-starter because unlike his children, HE knew genuine hardship and deprivation....which took the form of his dad and mom telling him that no, they weren't magic angel babies with a printing press in the basement and therefore he'd have to save up his allowance to get his pile. This makes him a lot like Assthony owing to the fact that the reason he's still angry at his father is that Daddy Caine expected him to put up an amount greater than zero when he came looking for a car.
Tags: john needs vitamin stfu

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