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On problem hair and evil career women.

As we've seen, a lot of the reason that the people in Milborough were hoping that Anthony and Liz would get married is that they simply can't let go of the image of high school sweethearts marrying. From Elly and John's high-fiving one another because April raises the 'delightful' possibility (which she somehow sees as being catastrophic because she's a 'stupid' kid) to Gordon allowing as Anthony tries to love Thérèse despite her having an actual personality and not immediately turning into a homebody because babies because television and Doctor Patterson insisting that that's the case, the idea seems to be that a sentimental attraction to an image trumps boring and stinky old reality that might talk about potential being squandered so that a stoop-shouldered dullard wearing her hair in a horse-bun might not have to admit that she wasted her life and that a train-obsessed zombie might not have to face the possibility that he's the local distributor for being full of old bollocks.

The reason that I mention this atrocity is that most of the reason Liz hated on the evil career woman is that she was mean to her once and didn't understand her and so on and so forth. While it's true that Thérèse did misjudge Lizardbreath by assuming that she had a brain and the ability to think strategically because the reality of the pallid, doughy imbecile passively drifting through life completely God-damned oblivious to the small army guiding her destiny is frightening, Liz didn't help her case by whining about the unfairness of not going where she wanted whenever she wanted to. A disinterested observer would assume that she sees being asked to care about the feelings of another person as being a slam against her and said observer would be correct to do so. The rather horrible exchange at that New Years' Eve thing where Liz is so outraged at being told that she had to consider things from a pregnant woman who feels lost and isolated in a town that hates her for getting in the way of their collective delusion that she slips on ice and breaks her ass because her squishy feelings got hurt is telling. She still thinks that the awful woman who gave birth to that horrible child who deliberately does well at school to be a wise-ass wanted her to slip and fall because she clearly spent her time wanting her to die alone and not be praised by Daddy and all that other immature gibberish we see her write in her letters.
Tags: liz on a different cross, therese

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