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The gift of refugees in war zones.

Of course, that stupid speech John made about his dad's hard hat is not by a long shot the only time in which he tried to bludgeon his children over the head with how ungrateful they are. From being told to go away if they insist that they have problems in their life when 'everybody' knows that the lives of today's children are a care-free romp when nothing bad happens to being lectured about how much they owe their parents for letting them freeload off of them, he and Elly make it quite clear that they see parenthood as a scam made up for the purpose of preventing them from doing what they want.

The problem that isn't the two of them being self-serving creep-mobiles is that any major dude can tell you that spending your time telling the tinies that no, they can't possibly care about some starving child in Ethiopia because they wonder when dinner is and that yes, she wants Mike and his family to freeze and die in the cold because she wants to not be treated like a piece of furniture no one wants but can't get rid of is going to do a number on how the children react to the problems of the world.

This is because what John and Elly lose sight of is that there's a direct relationship between bombarding children with messages about refugees and war zones and their ability or lack thereof to give to charity. What seems to be happening is akin to one of the less palatable images I've had to endure in my almost fifty years of wasting my life watching network television: the neurotic mess older daughter on Empty Nest whining about how her pediatrician father clearly loved all those sick kids more than he loved her and using that as an excuse to be a total God-damned basket case. Simply put, the take-away the Patterson children are getting from non-stop blathering about how ungrateful and selfish they are and how wonderful the starving children of the world are is that Mom and Dad love the starving Biafrans (yeah, I'm a child of the seventies) best. This leaves us dealing with an indeterminate future in which Mike and Liz think that caring about other people is being asked to not care about themselves and utterly abase themselves and a whole bunch of other incoherent crap because he was raised in a brutally competitive environment where he was expected to fight for the non-existent approval of his emotionally absent and morally bankrupt parents.
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