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On star power and refugees.

Of course, the environment of brutal competition for the worthless love of two self-centered boomer assholes who can't allow themselves to be proud of their children doesn't just destroy the kids' ability to empathize with random strangers. The same refusal to see that no one is 'just' another person also blunts their ability to empathize with the people they actually know. I've discussed in the past how it is that Lizardbreath is convinced that Therese is an evil iceberg out to destroy her happiness and make her die alone and unloved because she makes the terrible demand that she look at the world from her perspective but I'd like to talk about how it continues to blight the friendship between April and Becky.

As we've all seen, April assumes that Becky wants to destroy her with her star power because that's just what pretty people do owing to the fact that April has a need to crush Becky under her heels that she won't admit to having. This need to assume that Becky wants to steal her boyfriend because they're at war has, as I've said far too many times, blinded her to the fact that Becky isn't famous, has no star power or friends and would love nothing more than to go back to the way things were before April's horrible family brainwashed her into thinking that people with ambition want to crush everyone because they can. The reason that she doesn't realize why it's only now that April has gotten out of the bunker of paranoia and entitlement that they're friends again is that she doesn't make the connection between the constant beefing about refugees in war zones and the insane babbling that got back to her about wanting to crush people with a star power she never had and never wanted to crush people with in the first place.

You can see her problem, though. It makes no sense to an outsider that a steady diet of being made to feel guilty and told that you're heartless and selfish and filled with vanity for wanting your parents to care about your immediate concerns instead of letting them wallow in self-pity because they can't get over not being able to drop you off at an orphanage now that they're bored with being parents leads to the insane presumption that everyone everywhere is trying to ruin you. If anything, it looks as if it should lead a person to be a passive doormat, not an insane paranoiac screaming about war and treason. The problem is that it actually leads to the notion that being asked to empathize with others is just another attack on ol'April.
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