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On taking a lot of steps together.

Another thing we're going to see this arc is the culmination of the revenge arc in which Connie gets engaged to Greg's money. Not only is Greg made out to be a better man than Ted, we're also going to have our noses rubbed in the fact that the same manipulative dick who threw Connie under the bus by uprooting his family to protect Molly from somebody who's probably selling bonds or something as we speak and who tossed Lawrence out on his ass because he outed himself and thus risked something important like his image with the Quality People is presented as a much more wonderful father than stinky old Ted who'd probably shrug his shoulders if a step-son turned out gay 'cause it's got nothing to do with him and doesn't matter anyway.

The reason I mention this is that Lynn is about to reveal that all of this wonderful wonderfulness is the result of her nagging Rod and Aaron about not getting along as well as she'd have preferred them to. The phrase she uses to describe their rather distant relationship is that their personalities were incompatible. This, I should think, is owing to the fact that Lynn clearly seems to have done what Connie did to Lawrence and threw Aaron under the bus for the sake of keeping her man. Aaron wasn't allowed to keep his birth name, the strips that have Raging Asshole John fulminate witlessly about what Michael owes him clearly seem to have their source in Rod's frosty relationship with his step-son and we even get a broad hint that most of why Weeder Senior disapproved of Josef's career goals is that Aaron's career dynamic was not to the taste of a man who made an unfunny remark about 'taking him on' as if the boy were an oppressive burden. Sadly, real life continued to write the plot and we wound up with Raging Asshole Greg turning into a major douchenozzle who grudgingly accepts the presence of an unlovable sexual deviant in his life. No damned wonder Aaron moved to Vancouver and stayed there...he knew where he was welcome.
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