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On Farley's hip and the rightful endgame.....

Of course, the really interesting thing is that we should have already talked about the whole Greg and Jim thing about a year ago. As I've said before, Lynn would have done better to simply drop the first year of strips and started with straight reprints seven years ago. If she had, she wouldn't have had to mess up her continuity bringing Farley in too early and wouldn't have to insert filler strips to line up the holidays better.

If that were the case, we'd right now be dealing with the Pattersons trying to cope with his being an older dog who's starting to get health issues. The health issue in question this time next year is the hip dysplasia he's always had and how it's aggravated by their overfeeding him. They respond pretty much as one could expect when we have Mike try to deny the problem exists because he's too stupid to realize that dogs age faster than people do, Elly not letting the problem get in the way of her bellowing at the poor thing and John using it as a springboard for being an irritating wise-ass.

The reason that I mentioned all of this is that it still irritates me that Lynn pulled the inane stunt Beth talked her into when it'd have been a lot smarter to simply have the poor old fellow die of old age. I'm still on the fence on whether it would have been more true to life to have him simply die in his sleep and not have the fact been noticed or them having to take him down to be put down because he was old and sick and suffering but it would have taught a better lesson than his heroism. Unfortunately for all of us, her successful attempt to gain attention by sacrificing the credibility of Greg, Connie and Lawrence on the pagan altar of the heathen god Ratingsstunt had given her a taste for cheap theatrics that drew crowds while destroying the characters. It wasn't just Farley that died on that river bank, after all. Elly's credibility as a parent died, got cremated and put in an urn right next to the dog's ashes.
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