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On family and non-family politics.

Of course, Farley's health isn't the only issue that comes up next November. The month is also dedicated to the end of one arc and the beginning of the arc that dominates the following summer. The arc which concludes is Elly's successful campaign to keep the evil sports people from wrecking a perfectly good town hall so that they may build their evil new arena and some sort of evil and wrong multi-purpose cultural centre that isn't a theatre because it's not called that and thus inflict upon the artistic community the savage destruction Elly secretly wishes to visit on them for making her sweat once and expose her to pain that can never, ever end because pain doesn't because she's still six and also for exposing her to the evil and not character-building words "You suck at team sports, you uncoordinated idiot." As I've said before, the whole thing gets touched off when her boss tells her about the problem in such terms as to strike a nerve. Despite having an indifferent husband, a loutishly self-absorbed son who always cared more about his standing with other scruffy, stupid and irrelevant children than his mother's hopes and dreams because he's a selfish weakling who's got it in his empty head that she's there to pick up after him, a community that thought that she was a crank ranting about a non-issue and an indifferent seeming city council that seemed more into sports than the arts, she succeeded by the master stroke of handing a canny and closed-mouth politician a plank for his platform. The cost, sadly, was Elly's being able to credit for the new mayor's initiative because he ain't going to tell them who he got the idea from because of course he won't. The general moral of that arc is that engaging in politics is a questionable idea because Elly doesn't get her name on a plaque and she doesn't get her face on television.

As that one ends, Phil's need to not realize that Elly is a kill-joy whose idea of helping Mike with trumpet practice is never praising or encouraging him because she believes that if he has any idea at all that what he does pleases her at all, he'll become a spoiled monster who can never get ahead in life mutates into his whining about how his failed camping trip with John scared Georgia enough to realize that if she's going to have to live life without him, she's gotta be a proper widow. While he frets about the possibility that maybe marriage will ruin their lives, Elly is all about the upside: a big party where she gets to show off and her finally getting payback for ruining her life by 'winning' their childhood and being happy and well-adjusted while she lives in misery that isn't self-induced, thank you very much!!! The moral we get from that is that engaging in family politics is good because it allows Elly to be a vindictive old cow and not get called on it.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus phil

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