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On the alleged unfairness of the inevitable.

Of course, screaming and begging the question are not reserved for dealing with insurance agents who have no sense of human because they'd go broke insuring every idiot who built on a reclaimed swamp and tell evil lies about how she and John would join them paying the rates that they'd have to pay. As I said, Elly spent most of her strip screaming about the evil unfairness designed specifically to ruin her that's present in anything that inconveniences her.

As by way of example, let's look at these examples of her not understanding how Farley behaves. You and I know that the dog is not trying to ruin Elly's life because he hates her. We also know that he simply cannot make the connection between his removing the plants that the loud woman puts in that perfect warm spot and her yelling angrily at him. We also know something else: Elly will never admit that the problem is inherent in owing a dog and can't be dealt with by screaming, pleading or lecturing. The solution is to either put the bedding plants where Farley doesn't like to sleep or to put him in a sort of pen when he's outside. As I've said, though, Elly doesn't want to deal with solutions that don't involve her lecturing the dog into submission because if she has to admit that Farley cannot understand what she's saying, he wins and that's not fair.

This, I should think, is owing to her having skipped a stage in her mental development. I'm reminded of a rather disturbing event that happened not too long ago. I was waiting for a cross-town bus when a woman with a small child in tow missed one that had just left. The woman had to spend a futile fifteen minutes trying to explain to her child that no, the bus driver could not possibly swing back around and get them no matter how much she futilely wept, shrieked, flailed around and stomped her feet on the pavement. The child simply didn't want to listen because her tiny mind is incapable of understanding that certain situations cannot be won and that it isn't personal. Lynn never grew out of thinking that way and Elly is the proof.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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